How To Create A Killer Morning Routine

In case you missed it, we officially moved back to Arizona from the northeast. I will be honest, during the 5 months we were away, my morning routine was almost non- existent. Between moving across country to the northeast, being in a new environment and then moving back to the southwest, my routine went out the window. I am someone who thrives off of a morning routine. Without my morning routine, my work ethic goes out the window. Having a routine helps set me up for the day ahead and it is my favorite form of self care.

During the time where my routine was off, I realized that this probably happens to a lot of us often. So many things can throw off your routine: work schedule, kids schedule, a late night out, missing your alarm, not having the right groceries, etc. Not only did it make me realize that a lot of things can send a killer routine off the radar, but I also realized that maybe there were things in my routine that just didn’t work anymore. Life changes (often) and sometimes we need to alter our routines to fit our life.

Below are some of my favorite tips for creating a morning routine whether you are looking to take your AM routine up a notch, create a new morning routine or adjust your morning routine to fit your lifestyle.

Start by setting a schedule

Write down what time you need to be ready by in the morning. Then figure out how much time it takes you to get ready (shower, hair, makeup, getting dressed, pack your breakfast/lunch, etc.). (i.e. I need to be ready by 10 AM, it takes me 1.5 hours to get ready.) Subtract your “get ready” time from the time you need to be ready in the morning. (i.e 10 AM- 1.5 hours = 8:30 AM). That time is when your morning routine needs to be over. You can alter this time depending on your weekly schedule.

Now that you know what time you need to be done with your morning routine, figure out how much time you will have for your routine. To do this, you need to get clear on what time you will be out of bed. Sleep is so important, so if you plan to get up earlier, make sure you adjust your bedtime accordingly. (i.e. Bedtime 10pm, sleep 8 hours, wake at 6am; morning routine will be from 6 AM- 8:30 AM, 2.5 hours). If you are planning to get up earlier than you are used to, try and wake up 10 minutes earlier everyday, and go to bed 10 minutes earlier every night until you’ve reached your goal!

Now it is time to create your routine

Think about your ideal morning. Envision it and write down exactly what that morning looks like to you. What are things that are going to set you up for success? What things are going to help bring balance to your day? What is something that you would like to do but you never make time for it? What is some thing that you could do in the morning that will make your day better? This is your “me time”, and for some it may be the only “me time” you get all day so take advantage of that time!

Here is my favorite way to build a morning routine:

Start off the morning with something warm and hydrating. I love to start my morning with a cup of warm lemon & cayenne water. I do this every single day. If you aren’t a fan of lemon you can do plain warm or room temperature water too. This is going to help wake up your body and your digestive system.

Find a gratitude practice. While I sip on my morning lemon water, I love to journal in my gratitude journal. I use this five minute journal, which includes a space for writing down 3 things you are grateful for everyday. It also has a space to write your daily affirmations. You can also meditate while you sip on your morning water too!

Then get moving. I love getting in movement during my morning routine. This can be a long walk, stretching, yoga, barre, running, hiit, etc. Whatever type of movement you choose is up to you. Getting movement in first thing in the morning will help wake up your body and mind.

Vitamin D. I encourage you to get 10 minutes of sun during your morning routine (especially if you’ll be indoors all day). This is a great time to sip on your morning coffee or matcha, journal, listen to a podcast or read for 10 minutes.

Add in tools that bring you joy

How can you elevate your morning routine!? Once you’ve figured out how your morning routine will go, make it fancy! I look forward to my morning routine, but I enjoy it even more when I include my favorite things! Below are a few items that I love to use during my morning routine:

Crystals & palo santo– I have crystals all over my home, but I also love to use them during my morning meditation. Not only are they energizing and beautiful, but they bring a little extra to my meditation. I also love burning palo santo for my meditation too!

A cute mug– You can use any mug for your lemon water, matcha or coffee… but why not use one that motivates you! For my morning lemon water, I love mugs that remind me of my favorite places, ones with inspiring quotes on them or ones that are just really pretty. This is the mug I am using lately because it reminds me of Arizona.

A good playlist– Whether you are in need of music for your workout, for drinking your coffee to or to listen to while you get ready, having a good playlist is necessary. I love to create a workout playlist and then a separate listening playlist.

A candle– I love lighting a candle while I sip my lemon water and coffee. There is something so relaxing about lighting a candle (just remember to blow it out before you go on with your day). You can also use incense instead of a candle.

A good spot– Pick a good spot in your home to sip on your morning lemon water and coffee, a good spot to workout and a good spot to get in Vitamin D. Having a set space to go to for your morning routine can make a huge difference. I love to go to a quiet spot in my home to sip my lemon water and meditate. I also have a separate and designated space for my workouts too. Pick a spot where you can get uninterrupted time for yourself.

Morning Routine NO’S:

Avoid social media or checking your email first thing in the morning– It is so tempting to check your social media feed while you’re sipping on your morning lemon water, but I encourage you to choose something else.

Don’t skimp on sleep– If you had a hard time falling asleep the night before or if you were up late, make sure you still get in enough sleep. If you are short on time in the morning, simplify your morning routine. Instead of your usual 45 minute workout, do 15-20 minutes of hiit outside in the sun and take your coffee and morning playlist in the car with you on your commute.

Don’t be afraid to ask for “me time”– Ask your partner or roommate to split the morning tasks with you so you have a little more time for your morning routine.

Whatever you choose to make your morning routine look like, fill it with things that you love (this will help make it more doable and sustainable). Also, make your morning routine non- negotiable.

What does your morning routine look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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