How I Stay Healthy On A Road Trip

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Given the fact that many of us are traveling these days by car versus plane, I figured this is a good time to share a few tips to staying healthy on the road. Road trips can be exciting, exhausting and… not exactly the healthiest. I myself feel anxious when traveling because I worry about how I am going to stay on track with my health and wellness goals! Bobby and I are traveling back out west in the next couple weeks, so I am using all of these tips to make sure I feel my best! Whether you are driving 3 or 36 hours, these tips will help you stay on track!

Tips for heathy eating:

  1. Plan out all of your stops ahead of time- Before hitting the road, we plan out the places we will be staying, and the areas where we will be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Finding somewhere healthy to eat isn’t that simple, so I don’t suggest winging it (especially because of all the fast food chains along the highways). Make a list of all of the places that serve healthy dishes to-go. If you are only traveling for a few hours and you can wait till you get to your destination, pre plan where you will be eating before hitting the road (this will avoid eating at the first place you see which may not offer the healthiest options). I also suggest researching grocery stores along the way (for things like healthy snacks and salad bars)
  2. Avoid the fast food chains- #1 should help you avoid the fast food chains! But in case you are still hungry (and bored), I suggest you skip the fast food. I know how tempting it is (they are all over the highways and sometimes the only things off the highway) but try your best! There is nothing worse than traveling and feeling badly!
  3. Always have snacks on hand- I am not a big fan of pre-packaged snacks, I do prefer whole fruits and veggies. However, when you are on the road you may not have the option to snack on carrot sticks and hummus. I love pre-packing healthy bars, added sugar free/gluten free/minimally processed snacks, mixed nuts, granola and fruits that don’t require refrigeration (oranges, apples, pears etc.). I always crave salty on the road, but if you are craving something sweet, bring a couple dark chocolate bars or dried fruit along with you. I love to pre-make trail mix for travel (beware of the trail mixes at rest stops as they often contain unhealthy processed oils and sugar).
  4. When in doubt, order the salad- I will be the first to admit that I don’t like spending $20 on a salad that I can make at home, but when I am on the road I order them. When traveling, I am not getting in all of the greens and veggies that I normally would at home so I try and get them in whenever I can on the road. Check out my guide here for eating healthy tips for dining out.
  5. Bring lemons- One thing that I need to have every morning is warm lemon water. I will be packing lemons and cayenne pepper to make my morning lemon water. Typically, I will pack lemons in a bag and bring a knife (which I keep wrapped up so there are no accidents). If you are bringing a cooler, you can pre slice or pre juice your lemons to bring with you. I usually ask for hot water from the hotel or you can bring an electric kettle.
  6. Pre make lunches- If you have access to a cooler, I suggest pre making food ahead of time (things you can eat cold like salads, veggies and hummus etc.) This will not only save you money, but it will help avoid ordering unhealthy options off a restaurant menu.
  7. Stay hydrated- This is the most important tip! I understand that drinking more means stopping to go to the bathroom more, but it is so important to drink up! A few tips to make sure you stay hydrated on your trip:
    -Invest in a good water filtering bottle or invest in a water dispenser if you have the room (we fill our dispenser at a local grocery store that has a water filtering service, you can call ahead to check and see if they offer it)
    -Add hydration tablets to your water. These are my favorite!

Tips to staying fit:

  1. Stretch it out- Whenever you stop for a bathroom break, stretch it out! This will help improve circulation and wake your body up. Some of my favorites are:
    -Bend over and touch your toes
    -Standing on 1 leg, bend your other leg behind you and grab your foot (pulling it in deep) for a good quad stretch, repeat on the other side
    -Create circles with your arms out to the side
    -Stand with wide legs, reach one arm over head towards the opposite side and stretch out your side body, repeat on the other side
  2. Go for a walk- When you reach your destination, head out for a light walk if possible. If you have been siting all day this will feel really good!
  3. Make time for a workout- I typically wake up early before we hit the road and do a good sweaty workout. When we get to our destination, I will typically do a 30 minute yoga session. I always pack my booty bands in my carry on since I don’t have access to weights on the road.

Tips for staying sane:

  1. Plan out your music- Always have a good playlist ready.
  2. Download a few podcasts- We always listen to podcasts on our road trips. It gives you something else to focus on besides the drive. This is also great especially if you are traveling alone.
  3. Plan stops- Plan out where you will stop. Driving can be exhausting and boring, so make sure you plan out stops to get out and get fresh air. If you have the time, it is also a great idea to see if there is anything to sightsee on your way!
  4. Play a game- If you are traveling with others, try and play a few games. We love playing “would you rather” and trivia.

A few of my travel essentials are:

I am also adamant on my morning coffee/matcha routine. Below are a few of my morning beverage essentials. As long as you have access to hot water or filtered water and ice, you can do this too!

  • This collapsable travel mug is amazing for your morning coffee. It collapses down which makes it easy for travel! Plus it is great for the planet! You can use this mug for iced or hot beverages (it also comes with a reusable straw). I do recommend bringing soap and cleaning brushes! This is also great for taking your warm lemon water on the go!
  • Instant coffee or matcha! I love to bring pre-made coffee in our cooler, but we run out quick! It is also a hassle to keep the cooler filled with ice when we are driving on an overnight trip. I love this matcha powder and this instant coffee. This one is another great instant coffee option but it does contain collagen peptides.
  • This powdered creamer is the best for my pescatarian friends (I suggest using this lightly because there is cane sugar present). Another great option is this plant based creamer. This one is another great option if you are okay with collagen peptides.
  • I love to bring my milk frother with me on the go! This is perfect to blend your matcha.

Let me know your travel essentials in the comments below!


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